All spells from the Player’s Handbook are available to starting casters.
While casting a spell, the character must have the spell in memory, be able to speak, have both hands free, and not be moving (characters will not receive Dex bonus to AC). Spells up to 5th level do not need components, but there after do.

Magic Specialization

Hands free: the ability to cast without using hand movements
Knowledge: Have all spells available. Including Tomb of Magic and Player’s Option.
Movement: Character is able to move while casting; receiving a Dex bonus to AC if applicable.
Magic Critical Hits: This is a percent based skill based on your level+ spell level+ failure of the save x ?. if the percentage is made max dmg.
Magical Demeanor: The character with this ability doesn’t just wield magic spells, they are surrounded by magic. Instead of simply tapping the weave to cast they have a constant thread of weave entering their body. In game terms the effect is a +1 to int when casting as they don’t have to tap into the weave to cast. Also the magic will leak out when they do simple things; for example a wind mage might sneeze hard enough to knock someone’s hat off; a sound mage might gain a bonus to her sneak check. If the DM allows, the player may spend two points on this ability and have cantrips cause real effects. The drawback is the character will not be able to hide their magical ability, even from those who have no magical aptitude themselves.
School of Casting: Specialize in a certain type of spell causing -1 sv to target and +1 dmg per die.

Magic Mastery

Magic Mastery is available after a character reaches 7th level.

No vocal: Character is able to cast without speaking the vocal components of a spell.
Memory: Character is able to cast a spell without having it memorized first.
Components: This specialization has two effects. First, all spells, including those 5th and higher, no not need spell components. Second, by using the components of the desired spell, the caster is able to cast the spell without verbal or somatic components to the spell.


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