Elemental Tide

The Journey Begins!


VilHylm (18 years old), Calindra (13 years old), Tryst (12 years old), Cronos (11 years old)

Jonis’ farm.

The kids do not know there birthdays so they all celebrate them on the fall harvest. Every harvest the local local fair is opened in HighMoon. Mr.& Mrs. Jonis give the kids the day off from chores and gives them 1 silver a piece (the eldest receives 5 more silver for lunch) to take to town to the fair for a birthday present. Mrs. Jonis promises a feast fit for a king on there return home and Mr. Jonis has a small present for each child.

AS they are walking to the fair, which is fifteen miles away, they run into a mysterious man named John, but they all have a good first impression of him, so he joins them to the fair. Along the way the bickering of the youngest, Cronos, causes John to tell the story of how the world came to be.

HighMoon Fair

Once they arrive to the fair they all are amazed at the overall craziness of the people. Tumblers, fire eaters, jugglers all running about vying for attention. VilHylm, being an amateur tumbler himself, was intrigued by the doings of the troop before them. As they were watching, both Vil and Cronos noticed the tumblers acting very odd. Easy tricks, that even Vil could do, were causing the members to stumble into the crowd, much to the enjoyment of Callindra and Tryst. During one of these mistakes, Cronos noticed the man’s hand slip into the gentlemen’s coat and steal his pouch. Immediately Cronos tries to tell his older brother Vil, but Vil had seen this as well but wanted no part in it. Little Cronos started yelling louder at his brother to do something, but the people around the kids started noticing articles missing, but the group of tumblers, six in total, had also noticed and began making a get a way. Vil and Cronos make a move to capture the supposed thief by leaping and tripping up the man, but Vil falls short and Cronos’ attempt was foiled by his fancy footwork.

The main tent gladiator games.
The rigged midway
The stolen girl

Bandit Camp

On the way home, they discover a fire in the distance. 3 tumblers have the girl bound.defeat the bandits and save the girl only to watch as a demon comes into view and devours the girls heart ripped from her chest. Cause all the boys to fall into paralysis. The demon has a blood red ruby hide and giant wings. Humanoid in shape but has a mouth full of fangs that drip a vile substance and long claws that extend from his hands, the right has a long jagged blade clenched within those wicked claws.

Jonis’ Farm

Once they reach the Jonis’ farmstead the whole farm is in ruins. The house’s roof has been caved inn and the rafter are set ablaze. The nearby trees are lit like candles. The air is filled with burning embers and falling ash. In the open area of the yard lies a pile of bloody cloth. On further investigation they find it to be Mrs. Jonis, her chest an empty chasm where her heart once was. Vil tells the others not to look, but only Calindra was able to avert her eyes in time. Tryst falls to his haunches and grabs his knees beginning to sway near his fallen mother. Yelling can be heard nearby that is unrecognizable to the kids. All the children rush to try and located the source, Tryst did not seem to hear the shouts and remains near the corpse of Mrs. Jonis. As they approach, that same dread falls over the party, and Vil and Calindra both stop in there tracks and begin to run off in new directions, unable to control themselves. Only Cronos, too young to know better, continues on to the source.

As he approaches, he finds Mr. Jonis squared off with the giant demon holding that wicked blade in the center of the recently harvest wheat field. Mr. Jonis is seen with his arms moving in a fluid swirling motion and chanting the words that were heard. As his hands are brought together, giant luminescent missiles countlessly fire from his outstretched palms striking the demon one after another full in the chest. The demon laughs as each missile strikes harmlessly against his chest completely unaffected. The giant winged beast drives the jagged blade into the ground and begins to mumble an unknown dialect, the area around the demon begins to spark and swirl and Mr. Jonis, the man who has never shown fear, looks back onto Cronos and gives a slight smile, but the fear in his eyes is unforgettable. The air around the demon seems to be crackling like a bonfire and the earth where it stands is charred with no hope of growth to return. A smoke begins to obscure the view but a battle cry is heard above the sound of the crackling air, a cry to Gode, a plea to Skaberan, and a blue outline of a man could be seen sprinting directly toward the epicenter of swirling smoke and fire. The next instant there was a blood-curling bellow. A bright flash fills the night sky and is followed by a giant shock wave that knocks the party to the ground, knocking out the party in the process.

As the party regains their senses, they approach the area of the shouting. The wave that knocked out the party seemed to have put out the fires, as well as knocking over some trees and the remnants of the barn. The field has been completely leveled of all material. A shallow dip of scorched earth is left behind. The party makes camp in an outbuilding of the farm and fall into a fitful sleep. Vil buries the shell that is Mrs. Jonis and searches the house for anything usable.



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