Shimmering light gold chainmaile shirt


Servitude is a chainmaile shirt with a +1 defense bonus. It feels heavier than it really is, not truly encumbering the wearer more than normal, but it encourages sloth. The metal repels dust and corrosion, but if the wearer is ever in a battle, it seems to attract splashes of blood that stay bright red much longer than they should, making it appear as though he or she has been in the thick of the fighting and claimed the lives of many foes.

First Legacy: Intimidate or coerce an opponent much stronger than you.


This chain shirt was the property of a very lazy, but quite charismatic warrior. Instead of accomplishing great deeds himself, he would convince others to do them in his name and thereby gained great renown even though he barely had to lift a finger to do so. His group of followers became so fanatic that at one point, several of them swore to serve him forever… and came back as unceasing servants. Their essences are now eternally bound to the armor itself.


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