Rod of Viscid Globs


The rod of viscid globs is actually a wand created by the drow that shoots globs of adhesive goo. Hitting an opponent requires a ranged touch attack. The rod does different amounts of damage depending on where it hits a target (at DM’s discretion). The globs can make people suffocate if it covers the victim’s mouth and nose or similar breathing organs. It can immobilize a foe with a hit to its foot so that it sticks to the dungeon floor. The rod can also immobilize a foe by hitting major joints (i.e. knees, elbows, shoulders). The glob will stay sticky for 20 rounds. The globs are one foot in diameter and can be accurately shot a distance of 100 feet + 10 feet per wielder level. Now you can really stick it to your enemies.

Superglue Glob: This rod shoots out globs of superglue that are about one foot in diameter and inflict 1d4 of basic impact damage for every hit. This wand can be shot accurately 100ft + 10ft for each caster level.


Rod of Viscid Globs

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