This Composite Longbow is made of shining untarnished steel

weapon (ranged)

Although the bow has no string and the limbs are too powerful to use a standard string, when an arrow is placed on the rest and drawn back, a shimmering string of violet light appears. The bow always adjusts to the strength bonus of the user bonded to it.

First Legacy: Create a string of any material that is strong enough to withstand the pull of the weapon. Troll sinew or giant spider silk are examples.

5th Level: Present for you. Effect: Create five arrows that have the weakness of your opponent (ie silver, cold steel, bone etc) Usable 1/day
6th Level: Need a lift? Effect: Fire an arrow that acts as a grapnel, including up to 200’ of strong rope. Usable: 4/day
7th Level: You can’t run! Effect: Double range incriment Always
8th Level: Pinpoint. Effect: Allow a crit to inflict d4 dex damage instead of crit damage Usable 1/day
9th Level: You can’t hide. Effect: Ignore cover as a Standard action Usable 2/day
10th Level: Zigzag. Effect: Fired arrows can make 1 turn up to 90 degrees per 3 levels 1/day
11th Level: Second Legacy.


Originally created as a joke, this bow was never meant to be fired. The Lord it was forged for had demanded the most powerful bow ever made and in order to show him the folly of his ways and the foolishness of his demands, Elven smiths forged the metal monster and presented it to him. He never understood the lesson, and instead spent his life attempting to find a string that would withstand its draw. It wasn’t until he had died and his son Aelward took up the weapon as a symbol of his father’s rule that it began to change. A born archer, he began challenging local rivals to shooting contests instead of having battles. His actions saved the lives of thousands of his vassals while bringing about years of peaceful prosperity. When his kingdom was threatened by a rogue band of Giants, he tried the same tactic. Their leader chose a target that was far beyond the limits of a normal bow and out of desperation, Aelward tried to string the bow with a bowstring made by braiding a single strand of hair from each of the women in his Holding, claiming that protecting them would allow it to work. To his astonishment, he found he was correct.


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