Dragonbone Spear


weapon (melee)

A Unique Special Weapon
An ancient weapon. Carved with ancient runes in an unknown script. Crafted in an age when dragon hunting was a sport and really rather commonplace. When in the presence of a dragon the runes of the spear glow with the color of the associated dragon. The haft of this spear is made from the arm bone of a black dragon. It is tipped with the tooth of a red dragon. The sinew binding is from a green dragon. the grip has scales from a blue dragon. This spear contains unique abilities that reflect the age in which it was crafted.

Resist Breath
Once per day resist dragon breath weapon (add +45% to save throw).

Add +1 vs. ALL, +2 vs. EVIL & add +3 vs. DRAGONS

Deals d6 dmg vs. Small and Medium creatures. Deals d8 vs. Large & 2d6 vs. Dragons.

When thrown it auto returns to wielder the round following on their initiative.

When Fighting Dragons
If you miss your attack you are punished by the spear. Roll a d4.
1= ACID DMG. 2= SLEEP d4 rounds. 3= 2d6 FIRE DMG. 4= ELECTRICAL DMG & STUNNED for one round.


A living wall found in ancient catacombs (which were located in the basement through a hole in the wall) of a BladeMage school. A giant arm threw this spear at Tryst. Vilhylm recovered it.

Dragonbone Spear

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