A rod of Jade 3' in length with veins of gold twining through it.


Owned by Korvbeg, the Gnomish thief/alchemist, this rod appears to be made of pure jade that was mined from a vein that had deposits of gold in it. In spite of the fragile nature of jade, however, the CleverLever is (nearly) indestructible and actually quite flexible. Without any additional training, it may be used as a sap, even if the weilder is not proficient in that weapon. When employed thus, it inflicts 3x the weilder’s strength bonus in subdual damage.

First Legacy: Be trapped without the tool you need to escape and get out anyway.

5th Level: Emulator. Effect: Mimic any mundane object up to 8 pounds in weight Usable 4x/day
6th Level: Open Sesame. Effect: Use the Knock spell as a swift action Usable 4x/day
7th Level: Smucker Effect: Become a size Huge hammer that deals 4d8 bashing subdual damage Usable At will
8th Level: Creator. Effect: Produce any non-precious mundane object up to 8 pounds in weight Usable 1x/day
9th Level: Anything you can do I can do worse. Effect: Mimic any spell that targets the user at the lowest caster level ability as a swift action 1x/day
10th Level: Anything you can do I can do better. Effect: Mimic any feat that targets the weilder 3x/day
11th Second Legacy …


In actuality, Korvbeg’s great deeds infused his favorite tool with arcane powers that reveal themselves to any adventurer who shows the proper spirit. Most notably, he pried open the door to a prison cell with it where his king had imprisoned the wives and children of political enemies in a fit of madness. After his deed, he began to notice that the nature of the rod became more malleable and allowed him to make much greater use of it.


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