Blade of the Drunken Master

A Falchion with a two handed grip and extra wide blade

weapon (melee)

This blade was owned by the renowned monk Relaera Madfist. The blade is wide enough that it grants a +1 deflection bonus when worn slung across the bearer’s back, and other than that it appears to be a normal Falchion +1. The blade has a two handed grip, but is balanced for one handed fighting.
First Legacy: Get in a fight while completely shitface drunk and win in spite of seemingly overwhelming odds.


Due to her sex, diminutive figure and slim muscle build Relaera was often a target of harassment when she was just trying to have a quiet drink at the inn of whatever town she happened to be visiting. Far from helpless, she was actually a true master of the rare and deadly Madfist drunken fighting style but after she had proved herself, she no longer felt the need to scrap with every street tough with a chip on his shoulder. When a friend of hers

Blade of the Drunken Master

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