Karalath The Fair

Karalath is a 5th level fighter who has risen above his mortality.


After nearly dying in a battle East of the Smoking Mountains, Karalath awakened in the Green Lands, a grassy prairie near the River Alamber, bleeding from a terrible stab to the stomach. While he waited for death to eventually come, he heard the trickle of water.

He decided he didn’t want to die thirsty and managed to drag himself to where a spring bubbled up from the ground. Here he found dozens of… denizens who offered him riches, power and glory in return for something that seemed so simple he knew he would be a fool not to take it up on the offer.

“I am Kusunoroi. Believe in me and great power shall be yours. You were strong enough to survive and therefore worthy.”

“I am Karalath.” He croaked in reply, “Prove yourself to me and I will do as you ask.”

A nimbus of blue fire began to burn around the terrible wound in his gut and the injury slowly began to close. This must be a powerful spirit indeed, he thought. Besides, simply agreeing to believe in something was better than dying.

Karalath opened his mind to Kusunoroi and found it wasn’t a spirit, but a God. He recited an ancient litany that came unbidden into his mind.

“Lord of Dragons, Flame of the East, Burn brightly for me. My sword shall be a scourge, the unrighteous shall fall before its edge to further your glory. I am humbled by your greatness and others shall be humbled by mine. Stay with me Master of Battles, let your holy fire light the way of my destiny.”

Karalath The Fair

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